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Excess submental fat, commonly referred to as a “double chin,” can lead to self-consciousness for many people. myEvergreen MedSpa is proud to offer Kybella injections to patients in Houston Metro and The Woodlands, Texas, a non-surgical solution to reduce fat under the chin area and achieve a more defined jawline.

What Is Kybella?

Kybella is an FDA-approved treatment designed to target and destroy fat cells in the submental area. Kybella is composed of deoxycholic acid, a substance that aids in the breakdown and eventual absorption of dietary fat. When Kybella is injected under the chin, it effectively destroys and eliminates submental fat cells, resulting in a noticeable reduction in the appearance of a Trusetd Source Checkbox Trusted Source Noninvasive Submental Fat Compartment Treatment Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Go to Source double chin.

Patients undergoing Kybella treatment at myEvergreen MedSpa can expect a personalized approach, expert cosmetic guidance, and a series of injections aimed at reducing submental fat gradually for beautifully defined chin and jawline contours and natural-looking results.

Benefits of Kybella

  • Non-surgical: Kybella injections provide a non-surgical alternative to reduce submental fat, eliminating the need for invasive procedures such as liposuction.
  • Precision targeting: The injectable nature of Kybella allows for precise targeting of submental fat, ensuring that only the desired area is treated.
  • No downtime: Unlike surgical options, Kybella injections require minimal downtime, allowing you to resume your regular activities shortly after the procedure.
  • Long-lasting results: Once the fat cells are destroyed, they can no longer store or accumulate fat, leading to long-lasting results.
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Preparing for Kybella

Prior to receiving Kybella injections, patients begin with a consultation at myEvergreen MedSpa. This initial step involves meeting with one of our experienced providers and during this appointment, they’ll assess the submental area under your chin and evaluate your overall health to ensure you are a good candidate for Kybella. In addition to the physical examination, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your concerns and goals.

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Kybella Injections at myEvergreen MedSpa

During a Kybella treatment, multiple injections are placed directly into the submental fat. Before the injections, your provider will apply a topical anesthetic or administer a local anesthetic to minimize discomfort. The amount of injections required can vary depending on your specific needs and the extent of the submental fat. Typically, multiple injections are administered over two to three sessions.

Following the injections, it’s normal to experience mild discomfort, swelling, and redness in the treated area. These side effects are temporary and usually subside within a few days to a week.

It’s important to note that Kybella is not an immediate solution. The treatment works by gradually reducing the submental fat over a series of sessions. Most patients require multiple treatment sessions, usually spaced about four to six weeks apart, to achieve the desired results.

During subsequent treatment sessions, your provider will evaluate the progress and make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan. It’s essential to follow the recommended treatment schedule and maintain regular communication with myEvergreen MedSpa to ensure optimal outcomes.

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Kybella Aftercare

After Kybella treatments, it’s important to follow specific aftercare guidelines to ensure optimal healing and minimize any discomfort. One important aspect of aftercare is applying ice packs or cold compresses to the treated area. This should be done intermittently for the first 24-48 hours following the treatment. The cold temperature helps reduce swelling and alleviate any potential discomfort. Additionally, you’ll want to avoid strenuous exercise or activities that may increase blood flow to the treated area for a few days after the treatment. It’s also important to follow any specific instructions provided by your injector regarding medication use, such as avoiding certain over-the-counter pain relievers or blood-thinning medications. Adhering to these aftercare measures can contribute to a smoother recovery process and enhance the overall results of the Kybella treatment.

Schedule A Consultation For Kybella

Say goodbye to that double chin forever! Take the first step towards a more sculpted chin and defined jawline by scheduling your personal consultation. Our team in The Woodlands is ready to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Contact us now to book your appointment and embark on your journey toward a more confident you!

FAQs About Kybella

Am I a candidate for Kybella?

Kybella is generally suitable for adults with mild to moderate submental fat. However, an in-person consultation with one of our licensed providers is necessary to assess your individual candidacy for the treatment.

How many treatment sessions are required?

The number of treatment sessions required varies depending on factors such as the amount of submental fat and desired results. Most patients need multiple sessions, typically spaced four to six weeks apart, to achieve optimal Trusetd Source Checkbox Trusted Source Best Clinical Practices with ATX-101 for Submental Fat Reduction: Patient-related Factors and Physician Considerations Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Go to Source results.

Does Kybella tighten skin?

While Kybella can effectively reduce fat, it is not primarily intended for skin tightening. However, some patients may experience a mild tightening effect as a secondary result of the treatment. This effect is often attributed to collagen production, which can be stimulated in the treated area. The skin’s elasticity and ability to tighten can vary from person to person. If you have concerns about loose or sagging skin, your provider can evaluate your specific situation and recommend additional treatment options such as SkinTyte, which is specifically designed to tighten and tone the skin.

What are the potential side effects of Kybella?

Common side effects include swelling, bruising, redness, numbness, and mild discomfort in the treated Trusetd Source Checkbox Trusted Source Uncommon Adverse Effects of Deoxycholic Acid Injection for Submental Fullness: Beyond the Clinical Trials Journal of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery Go to Source area. These side effects are usually temporary and subside within a few days to a week.

Is there downtime associated with Kybella?

While downtime is minimal, patients may experience swelling and mild discomfort following the treatment. Some individuals choose to schedule the treatment during a time when they can allow for a few days of recovery.

How long do the results of Kybella last?

The results of Kybella are considered permanent because the treated fat cells are destroyed and eliminated. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight management can help prevent the development of new fat cells in the area.

Are there any alternative treatments for reducing submental fat?

Yes, there are alternative treatments for reducing submental fat, such as liposuction or other non-surgical treatments like CoolSculpting. During your consultation, your provider can help determine the most suitable treatment option for your specific needs.

How much does Kybella cost?

The cost of Kybella can vary depending on various factors, including the number of treatment sessions required and the amount of product needed. Typically, Kybella treatments are priced per vial or per treatment session. Most patients require multiple sessions for optimal results. The best way to get an accurate cost estimate is to consult with one of our experienced Kybella providers at myEvergreen MedSpa. They can provide a more precise quote based on your specific needs and goals.

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