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Massage Treatments

At MyEvergreen Med Spa, we believe in the transformative power of massage therapy to promote relaxation, rejuvenation, and overall well-being. Our range of massage treatments offers patients in Houston & The Woodlands, TX, a tailored experience to address your specific needs, whether it’s reducing tension, promoting circulation, or aiding in recovery. From the classic Swedish Relaxation Massage to specialized treatments like Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Expectant Mother Massage, each session is designed to leave you feeling restored and balanced. Discover the perfect massage for you and enhance your experience with our selection of luxurious enhancements, such as hot stone therapy and aromatherapy scalp massages.

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Swedish Relaxation Massage

($160/60 min $190/90 min)

Immerse yourself in long, flowing movements of light-to-medium pressure aimed at reducing tension and increasing circulation. Experience deep relaxation and balance for both mind and body, with the added recommendation of pairing it with our Hot Stone and Emerald Hydrafacial treatments for the ultimate rejuvenating experience.

Hot Stone Massage

($160/60 min $200/90 min)

Let stress and tension melt away as intentional, slow massage techniques combined with the flow of continuous heat from heated river stones envelop your body. Experience deep relaxation and reduced tension, with the option to enhance your session with cupping therapy and aromatherapy for added benefits.

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

($130/60 min $160/90 min)

Designed to reduce post-surgical swelling, bruising, and overall body detoxification, this gentle massage stimulates the immune system to assist with edema and inflammation. Aimed at reducing swelling and promoting detoxification, pair this treatment with aroma therapy for enhanced relaxation.

Expectant Mother Massage

($140/60 min)

Treat yourself to a gentle, soothing massage tailored specifically for expecting mothers, accompanied by a pampering foot treatment and the application of a healing belly balm. Experience reduced tension and relaxation, with the option to pair it with an Emerald Facial for added pampering.

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Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage

($160/60 min $200/90 min)

Enjoy the best of both worlds with soothing light-to-medium pressure combined with deeper tissue work, trigger point therapy, and stretching. Target tension and discomfort while promoting relaxation, and complement your session with an Emerald Facial and Hot Stone treatment for an elevated experience.

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